The UV500 is a on-line water analyzer based on a high-resolution UV-visible spectrograph.

It allows to monitor simultaneously many different parameters for waste water treatment plants or river monitoring stations with an excellent stability and low operating cost. The same spectrograph can measure organic matter, nitrate, colour, turbidity, phosphate, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. A complementary UV-visible fluorescence module allows the measurement of aromatics hydrocarbons (PAH). Nephelometric turbidity by visible or infra-red laser diode is also available. The full UV-visible spectrum can also be used to monitor specific chemical process making the UV500 a ideal instrument for chemical plants. External probes can be added for physicochemical parameters like pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity. Thanks to its automatic cleaning system and its extremely long life time lamp, the maintenance is roughly limited to the periodic refill of the inexpensive cleaning solution and eventually reagents depending on the parameters.

UV 500 ลักษณะการใช้งาน (สามารถวัดค่า)
River, Lake (แม่น้ำ หรือ คลอง):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,PAH ,NO3 ,Colour ,PO4 ,Cr-Vl ,Turb. ,pH ,DO ,Cond ,Temp.
Drinking water (น้ำดื่ม):
UV254 COD ,NO3 ,Colour ,Cr-Vl ,Turb. ,pH ,Cond ,Temp.
Municipal waster water (น้ำเสียเทศบาล):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,NO3 ,H2S ,PO4 ,NO2 ,Turb. ,pH ,ORP ,DO ,Cond ,Temp.

Industrial wastewater (น้ำเสียจากโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม)

Food and drinks (อาหารและเครื่องดื่ม):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,Colour ,PO4, Turb. ,pH ,ORP ,DO ,Cond ,Temp.
Paper / wood (กระดาษ / ไม้):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,H2S ,Colour ,PO4, Turb. ,pH ,ORP ,DO ,Cond ,Temp.
Chemical (สารเคมี):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,PAH ,Colour ,PO4,Cr-Vl ,Turb. ,pH ,ORP ,DO ,Cond ,Temp.
Petrochemical (ปิโตรเคมี):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,PAH ,H2S ,Colour ,PO4 , Turb. , pH , ORP ,DO , Cond ,Temp.
Power plants (โรงไฟฟ้า):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,PAH,PO4 , Turb. , pH , ORP ,DO , Cond ,Temp.
Metals (โลหะ):
UV254 COD ,NH4 ,Colour ,PO4, Cr-Vl , Turb. , pH , ORP ,DO , Cond ,Temp.

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