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31/1 Krungthonburi Rd., Klongsarn, Bangkok 10600, Thailand.
Tel. (66-2)440-1853, 440-1899, 862-2385
Fax. (66-2)440-1900
Email: intech@loxinfo.co.th

76 Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Rd,Homsin, Bangpakong,Chachoengsao 24180,Thailand


Mr. Korpong Karnjanapiya

INTECH 2000 CO., LTD. established in 1992, supplied various kinds of instruments.
The instrument INTECH 2000 has supplied are as follows;

INTECH 2000 provides clients recommendations and designs in engineering know-how free of charge without purchase commitment. Our clients and prospects have felt free to contact us to ask for assistance before a purchase is made.

INTECH 2000 has a service center with a service team to support our clients anytime when there is a problem.
We also provide training and seminars to general clients as requested.

• Flowmeters in every principle of measuring, for example, Turbine Flowmeter, Positive Displacement Flowmeter, Vortex Flowmeter, Magnetic Flowmeter and etc.
• Process instruments, for example, Indicator, Controller, Programmer, Recorder, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Level Sensor, Transmitter and Ultrasonic Flowmeter etc.
• Vibration Analyzer and some kinds of maintenance products, for example, Tacho Meter, Ultrasonic Leak Detector, Sound level meter, etc.
• Waste Water treatment System, only monitoring and control not in turn key project.
• Moisture Analyzer, Hygrometer, Air Velocity Meter.
• Combustion Efficiency Analyzer
• Metering Pump and Control Valve
• Gas Detector for Safety use

:: INTECH 2000 has been assigned as the representative the sole distributor in Thailand for the following products

We are proud of ourselves for having been trusted and chosen by many outstanding global manufacturers as the sole distributor of their products in Thailand.




JUMO Process Instrument Germany
GRUPPO ISOIL/ISOMAG Magnetic Flowmeter & Oil Meters Italy
GPI Turbine Flowmeter U.S.A.
GREYLINE Ultrasonic Flow & Level Canada
TRIMEC P.D. Meter Austria
SMC ALIA Flowmeter U.S.A
EMCO Control Venturi tube, Orifice plate Denmark
KFE Rotameter/Glass tube flowmeter Korea
LAND Gas Analyzer U.K.
ENMET Gas Detector U.S.A.
COMPUR Gas Detector Germany
ARCA Control valves Germany
REGELTECHNIK/RTK Control valves Germany
RITAG Check valve and Tank valve Germany
QUALITEST Laboratory Equipment U.S.A.
MONARCH Tachometer/Stroboscope U.S.A.
KANSAI Level Instrument Japan
HANOVIA Ultraviolet Technology U.K.
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